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The exterior of you home is the face of your property. With our Midwest climate your home is in constant battle with mold, algae, mildew, moss and other organic contaminants.

Premier Pressure Clean uses a low pressure house washing system called Soft Washing. Soft Washing is a safe alternative to Pressure Washing which can damage your windows, screens, siding and even the mortar on your home.

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Why is Soft Washing so effective?

soft washing uses low pressure

Very gentle water and detergents to work hard even with low pressure.

We use specialized products

We use specially formulated detergents that are designed for breaking down all types of buildup.

we provide Lasting results

Our detergents and algicides will clean every nook and cranny where organic growth and dirt might be hiding, stopping the growth at the source!

What will soft washing do for your family’s home?

- Increase curb appeal

- cleans and removes years of growth

- Will not damage your home

low pressure house washing overland park KS

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Thanks to our Kansas City weather our exterior surfaces are exposed to long hours of direct sunlight, rain, snow, and more. Throughout the years our houses get covered with dirt, grime, and other unwanted substances like mold and mildew. Let’s not forget cobwebs, mud daubers, plant stains, and all kinds of “ugly” marks. As a result, our houses can look very uninviting and worse may decrease in value. Don’t worry, the Premier Pressure Clean washing team is ready to take action and return your house to its original beauty and charm.

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